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Sometimes you just need to spend some time procrastinating to get inspired to think about things in different and interesting ways. Here are some recent books, ideas, and people that have inspired me, and that I can definitely recommend as procrastination worthy. Most are event related, but some are just plain intriguing. Let me know what you think, or send me inspirations of your own.



The Mark of a Leader

Doug Keeley, consummate story teller/speaker/content savvy consultant for your presentation needs sends out this newsletter, which is always thought provoking, relevant and worth the time to take a look.

World Stage Logo  

Portland Photographer Evrim Icoz

Evrim is an amazing photographer, many of the photos shown on my site are his work.  He does it all from weddings to corporate.

Interplay, Inc.  

Interplay Inc

Metrics are everywhere, gathering and measuring information. The smart folks at Interplay create fascinating and fun ways to gather metrics for you – sometimes without you or your audience even knowing their doing it! Too cool!

Juicing for Life  


(not to be confused with steroid use ….) O.K., this has nothing to do with events, but how else are you going to eat kale or parsley or any of those other vegies that you would never choke down? Juice it!  Intrigued? Check out, Juicing for Life, by Cherie Calbom and according to my daughter, the Breville Juice Fountain is the recommended juicer.


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