Cynthia Bishop: Fearless Event Production Management

photo of Microsoft Company Meeting



After 24+ years in the business, these are the steps I recommend to clients and work to keep front and center throughout the event development process.

1. Make the event’s objective(s) interesting. For example: figure out the audience’s expectations and consciously decide to meet the expectations or change them.

2. Get everyone on the team, from executive presenters to the production team, on board with the event’s creative objective(s). Why are we doing what we’re doing?  Why is it cool?  Getting everyone invested will keep the entire team focused and motivated.

3. Not all vendors and contractors are the same. Create a customized creative and production team that brings together the best skill set for a specific event. Regardless of budget, the right team can create something very special.

4. Throughout the process, scrutinize decisions to make sure they are in service to the objectives.

5.Understand the infrastructure of the event to avoid unhappy surprises. As an event producer, I spend time evaluating and troubleshooting every aspect of an event’s venue, schedule, security, food service, transportation, contracts, etc.