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The Art and Beauty of Lighting Design Book Cover  

The Art and Beauty of Lighting Design

Dennis Parichy is a Lighting Designer I had the happy fortune of working with at The Seattle Repertory Theater. I loved listening to his stories about the challenges he faced and the creative solutions he came up with. I badgered him into writing Illuminating the Play: The Artistry of Lighting Design for which he gives me credit in the book – graciously, he didn’t use the word badger!

Never Eat Alone Book Cover  

Keith Ferrazzi: Never Eat Alone

This business is all about networking; there are so many amazing, creative, talented people, agencies, and resources that work in the event business. Networking gets you the best people, which get you the results you need. Use your Network!

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Here is a company that has done great work around capturing your event and making it look great after it’s over. I especially like them because they are not afraid to look at something in a new way, listen to what you want to do, and work tirelessly to find the best solution. Check ‘em out:



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