Cynthia Bishop: Fearless Event Production Management

Photo of SQL Server Launch Event



A successful event is a happy marriage between art and technology, inspiration and process, messaging and human nature. Regardless of audience size or budget, every event is a unique, creative opportunity to affect, teach, and/or motivate an audience. And research shows that creative experiences can actually create human DNA. In the big picture, this is what makes my job thrilling.

More specifically, as an Event Producer or Project Manager, I get to facilitate great people doing this great work— which I find hugely satisfying. Events often require the fiery energy of talented people with diverse perspectives and expertise collaborating toward a shared goal. I love being part of the process of creative directors, messaging and content managers, executives, staging crews, corporate event managers, media folks, talent, etc. working together to deliver a unique human experience. Removing the obstacles that get in the way is the icing on the cake.